SpiritRx - Facilitating a Healthy Today for a Better Tomorrow!

  Growing up I had the wonderful opportunity fostered by my late mother to explore various religions. I was encouraged to learn about Hinduism, Buddhism, and Wicca as a teen. As an adult I came to examine Christianity, Gnosticism, and New Thought (New Age / Theosophy), leading me to the spiritual healing arts. As far as my spiritual beliefs are concerned, I am Buddhist by nature, influenced by progressive Christian precepts, and likely a Unitarian Universalist for those needing a more succinct description. But seriously, who needs labels?

  I completed a B.S. in Biology with a double major in German in 2002 at UNC Chapel Hill and earned my Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2007 at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at UNC Chapel Hill. I completed a fellowship in HIV Pharmacology in 2010 at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at UNC Chapel Hill. I currently practice as a clinical pharmacist.

  I first discovered Reiki in Spring 2004 with an eye-opening session and complete my Reiki training in 2010 with Vickie Penninger (http://www.thereikichannel.com/), while also being introduced to the Stone People and crystal energy therapy. Shortly thereafter I was entrained in the angelic healing modality Arcing Radial Light(c) (ARL) by Laura Dunham and completed my ARL Teacher training in February 2011 with Vickie Penninger. Also in February of 2011, I became a priest in the Order of Melchizedek with the Sanctuary of the Beloved, NY (http://sanctuaryofthebeloved.com/). In July of 2014, I became a facilitator of Trinity Energy Progression™ (http://trinityenergyprogression.com/).

    My goals with SpiritRx are to share these wonderful healing modalities with seekers of spiritual pursuits and to offer my services as an ordained minister.

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